All Family Revivals

In 1991, God called Eric Hixon to preach the Gospel. It was shocking to him at how profound and clear the calling was from God, and he has been faithfully preaching God’s Word since that time. During this time, God has done more in Eric and his family’s lives than words can describe. They are living examples of how the Lord increases your faith as you obey Him.

There is no doubt that Eric has God-given insight to ministering to families. Men and families really respond to Eric’s message of Biblical Manhood and the need for parents to be the key factors in the discipleship of their children. If you want to draw families together and see how God’s Word can impact the family as a whole, then you should consider contacting us today about booking an “All Family Revival”.

The All Family Revival is normally held in a one-day format or in a Sunday through Wednesday format. These revival meetings are focused on bringing spiritual renewal to the family. God is drawing many families together spiritually, and it is making an impact on generations.

“I have never seen hearts and lives more changed, especially fathers. Based on the fruit of this revival, it was evident that the Holy Spirit was leading Eric’s message!” ~ Rob Ferrill, Clearview Baptist Church, Trussville, AL

Please pray about bringing families together in the faith. According to the 2002 Southern Baptist Convention Family Life Council1, 88% of all students walk away from their faith by the end of their freshman year in college if their parents are not key in their children’s spiritual discipleship. That is staggering statistic and must be addressed. Please pray about partnering with M.U.D. Ministries as they reach out to the family as a whole with the Gospel of Christ!

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