Camps and Conferences

Eric Hixon


Eric Hixon is a very sought after speaker for many different reasons. Mainly, he is very genuine and effective in communicating the Gospel to both youth and adults. Youth are very receptive to his message because Eric relates to them in a very unique way. One of the most effective ways the Lord has used him is for individual church camps or retreats. Eric has been the Camp Pastor for many church camps over the years. His straightforward approach and simple messages really hit home with students and adults.

Eric has many theme ideas and he can adapt his messages to address issues that you are facing in your ministry. From a single individual leader to a full praise band, M.U.D. has partnered with some of the best talent available in the area of leading worship. Contact M.U.D. Ministries to learn more about these worship leaders and how you can bring us to your next event.

M.U.D. Ministries knows that cost is an issue for every ministry. Please contact M.U.D. Ministries to learn how we can work with you to bring our ministry to your event.


After being in ministry and working with a church staff, Eric has been asked to lead in different conferences around the country. From adult leadership to teaching small groups to evangelism training, God has given Eric a unique insight into equipping others for the ministry. If your church or ministry is hosting a conference and needs a keynote speaker, please consider giving M.U.D. Ministries a call at (256) 431-4429.
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