Real Men’s Fellowship

Real Men’s Fellowship is a fairly new ministry that has been born out of a growing need to disciple men. The entire goal of RMF is to teach and disciple men so that they in turn can take this message to their families. It is a biblical mandate, 2 Timothy 2:1-7, and M.U.D. Ministries is taking it seriously.

Many churches sponsor RMF in their community. This involves a monthly meeting that normally takes place at a local church, home, or office building. Eric teaches on topics such as: Biblical Manhood, How to Know You Are Saved, Biblical Repentance, How Fathers can Disciple Their Kids, Witnessing to a Cult Member, Witnessing to an Atheist, Leading a God-Centered Home, and many other topics. From time to time a special guest speaker will share at these meetings as well.

If you are interested in hosting an RMF monthly meeting, please contact our office. Due to Eric’s schedule, he only conducts a limited number of monthly meetings.