October 2011 Newsletter


This year has been difficult to say the least, but our Lord has sustained us. We have every intention of continuing this work until the Lord says differently. It seems that the middle ground is shrinking; either people are hungry for truth and the message we share, or they are angry with it and totally reject it. In the coming years, I truly believe it will be even more difficult to go and share with large groups. The time is coming when it could be just street preaching and ministering to small groups. Please join us in praying that God will continue to open doors of ministry for us. We covet your prayers and are so grateful for you and your heart for Biblical Evangelism.

The month of September seemed to fly by! I enjoyed September 4th preaching at New Covenant Baptist Church in Oneonta and had a wonderful time there at my home church. That church is really growing, and we are planning a baptismal service for several people in November. We do not have a baptistery, but a local church is allowing us to use theirs. We will have a wonderful time of celebration at what God is doing at NCBC!

The following week I spent time with Valdosta Baptist Church in Tuscumbia, AL. My time there with Pastor Jeff Newton was a good time of ministering to a smaller congregation in the heart of “old Tuscumbia.” They face several challenges as their congregation is primarily an older congregation and their demographics. Please pray for Bro. Jeff as he ministers to the saints there and reaches out to the community. He really is trying to have open arms for them. I look forward to going back again and will continue to pray for them!

Then Rebekah and I had a opportunity to take the kids to the beach in Gulf Shores. A good friend allowed us to use their condo, and it was a wonderful and much needed time of refreshing relaxation. For my three little guys, it was their first time to the beach. WOW! That was said a lot by Josiah as he was overjoyed at the time he had at the beach. Micah and Jonathan also loved the beach and the pool. The older kids had a blast, and I enjoyed the slow pace of the week. I did have to do some emailing-planning for Nicaragua in February and a couple other upcoming ministry opportunities, but, for the most part, it was total relaxation! We were blessed to have dinner one night with Bro. Jeff Gardner and his family! Bro. Jeff and I were good friends from his time on staff at Union Hill, and we have remained good friends. We are looking to do a Outdoor Extravaganza and All Family Revival in his area next year! Please pray for him as he serves the Lord there in south Alabama!!

I came home to a packed schedule. Josiah’s 4th birthday was Sunday, September 25th. He was so excited, and his smile brightened the room! He has adjusted so well and is a blessing in our lives. I believe that God has big plans for him, and we are committed to training him and discipling him in the things of God! Then I was off to Sylacauga, AL, to Oak Grove Baptist Church. I am in that All Family Revival as I prepare this newsletter. I really enjoy my time with Pastor Max Buttram. He and his wife are very kind and have a heart for souls! On Thursday, September 29th, my precious wife turns….well…she is having a birthday. (I am learning!) I am so thankful for her and her ministry to me and my children. Words cannot describe how her being a part of my life and ministry makes a huge difference. I pray she has many more birthdays to come! Please pray for Rebekah and my children as we serve the Lord as a family!

Rebekah and I are asking for prayer for our oldest adopted son Jonathan.  Many of you have read about Jonathan in my previous newsletters.  Jonathan has multiple limb deformities, one of those being his right leg.  On Monday, October 3rd, Jonathan had a knee disarticulation.  This means they w his leg off from the knee down.  Prayerfully, this will be the first hard move for Jonathan in his journey to a prosthetic leg.  We are really praying for all aspects of this surgery and for Jonathan.  He and Josiah are huge blessings in our lives, and we love them more than words can describe.  There is no doubt that God has big plans for both of these boys.

I will be taking much of October to help Jonathan in his rehabilitation process and help him.  There will be some hard days of rehab and some challenges.  One of the challenges I face is my time out of the pulpit.  I have been very blessed this year with opportunities to preach.  I have been going almost nonstop for several months and am seeing next year’s calendar filled up as well.  However, I am coming up on the least active time of year for an evangelist.  It is getting close to the
holidays and ministry does not stop.  There is much planning for Nicaragua and the ministry events around the country.  The difficulty is that the opportunities to provide income for the ministry drastically slow during this time of year.  I have been committed to preaching at churches regardless of size or financial ability for my entire ministry.  We need both our partners’ support and the love offerings that we receive from the churches we serve to continue in a full-time capacity.  With this down time of year ahead of us through January, I am asking you to please consider supporting us with a monthly donation of any amount to our ministry.  Every dollar you support us with helps us to resource pastors, equip churches, encourage families, minister to the fatherless, and do Biblical Evangelism.  I am asking you to pray about partnering with us in these efforts.  We are also asking you to help spread the word about our ministry.  If you know someone who loves missions and would enjoy being a part of what we are doing for the Lord, please let them know about us today!

More than anything, we need your prayers! We need God’s wisdom and direction in all things.  We do not want to be out of his perfect will for even one second!  Pray that God will make it clear how we can serve Him best and how we can reach others for His glory.  We are so thankful that we can serve him, and we look forward to what He has in store for us as we go out and faithfully make disciples for Him!!  Thank you for your love and prayers!!!

For Christ Alone,
Eric Hixon

Nicaragua 2011 Update

As many of you know, I have been a Pro Staff member on a couple National and Local Hunting TV shows.  This is primarily due to the friendship that I have had with its host, Brock Ray.  Brock is a great guy and he has been a huge blessing in my life.  I thank God for him regularly!  Today, Brock still hunts all over the country, but after close to 20 years in the TV industry, he does more on Sirius and XM Radio along with his digital magazine that anyone can get for free at Brock’s Radio Show and Magazine website.

As for me, I still do a lot of hunting but not as much behind the camera. Most of my hunting adventures are now with my two oldest sons, Benjamin and Joshua.  I get to spend most of my trips watching for their deer and helphing them in their efforts to put some meat on the table.  I do get to do a few exciting hunts each year that I dearly look forward to.

Many of my hunting buddies are like I am, busy with family and other responsibilities.  I look forward to a trip to Kansas this year but other than that, I’ll be sticking close to home.  As my family needs are growing and my ministry is going forward, I have to make needed adjustments.  But I do enjoy the outdoors!  Like literally thousands of other men and women around our country.

With all that said, the Outdoor Extravaganza combined with the All Family Revival is probably the way the Lord uses me the most in my itinerant minstry here in the United States.  God has allowed me to share with thousands of men and women through this part of my ministry.  This year has been no exception!  I thank the Lord for allowing me to do this.  He has blessed me with the opportunity to glorify him through something that I enjoy.

If you know of any church or if you would like the opportunity to have me come and share with your church, pleese feel free to contact me at VIA EMAIL.  I have already booked a few dates for nbext year but there is still time to secure a date.  I would be honored to come and partner with you to reach your community for Christ! You can also join a Facebook Page just for Whitetail Deer Hunters on Facebook, just click the link!!

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