November 2011 Newsletter

I am so thankful that you took time to open this and read our newsletter! We appreciate our Lord and Savior for allowing us to serve Him! God allowed me to preach the Gospel in Mountain City, TN. The All Family Revival was tremendous and God’s Word seemed to touch the heart of many. It was all becasue of God’s grace. This has been a month of challenges to us and we are so thankful that God answers prayer and leads us by His Word.

This past month has been a very challenging time for our family, and God’s grace has been sufficient. I have only preached once outside of my home church this month. Primarily, this is due to Jonathan’s surgery. Jonathan had his lower right leg removed on October 3rd. The surgery went well, but the little man did have several very rough days. We expected this, and we were happy that it went as well as it did. He has made a lot of progress and still has a long way to go. Thank you for praying for Jonathan and our family during this time. Please keep the prayers going; we need them. Jonathan had a short-term set back two weeks after surgery; the skin that they wrapped around his knee did not survive. He has an open wound and has to wear a wound vac for a few weeks until the opening heals. It is a little cumbersome for him, but he is a determined little man. It seems that people learn to adapt very well at a young age. However, he still needs your prayers!!

I have had limited phone and internet access over the past week. It has been a good time of reading, studying, and meditating on God’s Word. On October 19th, I issued a challenge to everyone that follows our Facebook M.U.D. Ministries page–1st John for 30 Days Challenge. We are challenging people to read all 5 chapters of 1st John each day for 30 days!! Close to 20 people have let us know that they accepted the challenge, and the testimony they are sharing is so encouraging. As of today, we have over 50 that have joined this challenge!! The reports we are getting are phenomenal of what God is doing through this reading of His Word!! This will be an ongoing type of challenge that I will issue to help encourage people to study and read God’s Word. There is still time for you to get in on the challenge. Just let us know on our Facebook page, and you will get tons of encouragement from other believers that are studying along with you. We will give away a FREE BOOK to the person that gets the most in on the challenge and lets us know on our Facebook M.U.D. Ministries page.

Some have asked us why we do not send out the magazine newsletter each month. We want to be the best stewards with all that God has blessed us. This time of the year is a time when your partnership is extremely important. We do not travel as much to local churches towards the end of the year, but we continue to prepare for the coming year of missions and evangelism. I cannot share with you in the space that I have in this newsletter the difference that our partners make.

For the entire time that we have been full-time in ministry, we have been able to serve churches, orphans, disaster victims, pastors, and individuals without charging any set fee.
This past April, I coordinated over 100 mission team members in a summer long effort to help those that were devastated by the tornadoes. We were able to help clean up, rebuild, encourage, and most of all, share the hope of Christ with many people here in Alabama that lost everything on April 27th. It was amazing to see the love of Christ being poured out on these people. We ministered to the fatherless in Nicaragua and China in many different ways. Several small rural churches asked me to come and partner with them as they strived to strengthen their church and families in their community with the Gospel. Most of them could not support us enough to meet our budget for even a week. God allowed us to equip, teach, encourage, and resource almost 100 Pastors in Nicaragua. That opened a tremendous door for us to start a Bible Institute in three different cities in Nicaragua. In 2012, we will be in each of those cities training and equipping these pastors to do God’s Work, God’s Way, for God’s Glory!!

God also allowed us to share the Gospel with hundreds of individuals on the streets of the United States and Nicaragua, with many of whom we were able to give a copy of the Bible and thousands of whom we gave Gospel Tracts. I share this with you, not to bring any credit to myself or M.U.D. Ministries, but to let you know that you are making a difference and that God is getting the glory because of the obedience of His children in supporting and being on mission for Him.

My family is committed to serving the Lord. We have asked Him to help us continue this ministry as long as He desires. God is using you to make a difference, and I pray for you every day. Please consider a love gift to our ministry this month to help us continue these ministry efforts. There is so much to be done, and the year end is vitally important to us being able to continue. I will be at New Hope Baptist on November 3rd for a Sportsman’s Banquet and at Bethel Baptist in Snead, AL, for a one-day study on Suffering and the Sovereignty of God on November 27th. Please lift us up in prayer and share with others about our ministry. I am confident that God is doing a work through this ministry, and we see the difference the Gospel makes. Thank you for sending us in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I also want you those of you that helped support us last month to know that we truly appreciate your prayers, love, and partnership in spreading the Gospel. I was so behind with all of Jonathan’s medical needs that I was unable to get out very many thank you notes. Words cannot express our gratitude and love for each of you. It is because of those of you that send us out that we are able to accomplish the work that God has called us to. God is using you to make a difference!! I know that you do not want any credit, but it is truly a blessing to have you in our lives and ministry. We are extremely grateful for each of you. I will get back to a little more normal of a routine this month…prayerfully!!

We have one more MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT to make! I am very thankful to a good friend and brother in Christ, Andrew Caudle, for his work on our NEW WEBSITE!!

Andrew has worked very hard, and we are extremely grateful for his work on revamping the ministry website. PLEASE go look at it and let us know what you think. It will help those wanting to learn more about our ministry get the information they need, and it allows you to donate online through PayPal with one time gifts or monthly donations. It is really a professional looking site. We are very appreciative of all that Andrew has done to get this page up and running! It goes live on November 1st!! One day before my birthday!! That is a great birthday present!!!!

For Christ Alone,

Eric Hixon

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